About Us

trevor-1Trevor Morrow is the owner of Morrow Sandstone and started out as a dairy farmer in Lisnaskea County Fermanagh.

“I really enjoy working with sandstone and when that piece of stone is in front of you ready to carve you feel like you have the power to create something amazing”

Initially, Trevor started working with sandstone about 10 years ago as a hobby. He has access to his own supply of sandstone and has had the skills passed down through generations of the family.

He has “carved” out a niche market market for himself quite literally.

He supply’s cut stone throughout Ireland Ireland as a whole supplying cut stone for churches, homes and businesses.

Trevor has proved that with passion and drive you can make a business succeed even during a tough economic climate.

The Process

The process from taking a piece of stone to what we see in the picture to the left is not as easy as some may think it takes a lot of time, hard-work, craftsmanship and dedication all of which Trevor puts in.

theprocessYou must first contact Trevor and tell him what you want. Why not call up to the yard and see the showroom and the pictures and decide the style that your after.

You need to pick the type of sandstone as well whether its Northern Irish with a more orange tinge or an English with a slightly lighter colour the choice is yours. Once you have decided what your after Trevor and his team will start to put in the pain stacking hours to create a feature that will last for years to come.

At Morrow Sandstone Trevors’ uses modern machines with old fashioned techniques to bring perfection to every stone that he handles.

How can you be sure of the quality? Well quite simply Trevor stacks his lively hood on it he will not accept anything other than the best and if a piece of stone doesn’t come out the way he wishes he will start over.

So if you want something that bit different contact Morrow Sandstone and ask for Trevor.